The current IMSSU council consists of the following functionaries and members:

Full name Country Function Renewal
BOUTCHER Rob Australia President 2020
BEURTHERET Jean-Pierre France General Secretary 2018
SCHUH Sigrid Germany Vice President (Financial) 2020
DEWSBURY David Australia Vice President 2020
MÄKELÄ Sami Finland Vice President 2020
STARKE Ludy South Africa Vice President 2020
VENTER Johan Namibia Vice President 2020
DALLE-FRATTE Gérard France Council Member 2018
ISAKSSON Moritz Sweden Council Member 2018
JONSSON Tom Sweden Council Member 2018
KOUKALOVA Klara Czech Republic Council Member 2020
LAMPRECHT Peter Austria Council Member 2020
MUSTAPARTA Nikolay Norway Council Member 2018
PAOLINI Bernhard Switzerland Council Member 2018
ROUHOVA Petra Czech Republic Council Member 2018
SAVINAINEN Petri Finland Council Member 2018
SURBOCK Christian Austria Council Member 2020
WELIKALA Subhashana Sri Lanka Council Member 2020