World Championships XII Logo

Bloemfontein, South Africa
July 2nd to 15th, 2016

General information

  SAMSSA - South African Metallic Silhouette Shooting Association
  Contact: Annette Rossouw
  Tel: +27 82 550 2832

Final scores:
Raw event scores
Event results (Overall, classes, juniors)
Aggregate results
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SAMSSA will be hosting following 16 IMSSU events:

  • Big Bore Handgun: production, revolver, standing and unlimited
  • Small Bore Handgun: production, revolver, standing and unlimited
  • Field Pistol: production and production any sights
  • Big Bore Rifle: hunting and silhouette
  • Small Bore Rifle: light and silhouette
  • Air rifle and air pistol
SAMSSA will also be hosting 5 non-IMSSU events (see the Rules):
  • Small Bore Rifle Open Sights - Light
  • Small Bore Rifle Open Sight - Silhouette
  • Varmint Handgun
  • Big Bore Sport Handgun (See Event 30 of SAMSSA In-house Rules)
  • Small Bore Sport Handgun (See Event 31 of SAMSSA In-house Rules)
For the first time SAMSSA will also be hosting an U21 competition for:
  • Small Bore Handgun: Production, Revolver, Standing and Unlimited
  • Small Bore Rifle: Light and Silhouette
  • Production Air Pistol Standing
  • Production Air Rifle Standing
Number of Shots:
  • All Handgun events, Bigbore Rifle events and Air Gun events: 40 + 5 sighting-in shots
  • Small Bore Rifle events: 40 + 5 sighting in shots & 40 + 5 sighting-in shots
  • Shoot offs will be shot in five shot strings
Applied Rules:
   Current IMSSU Sporting rules will be applied for all IMSSU events and also for non-IMSSU events and under-21 competition.

Shootout Rules:
   See the list of targets and distances for shootouts.

Fees and Entry Form:
   See the invitation document.

Aggregates, Medals and Awards:
   See the invitation document.

Practice schedule:
   See the practice schedule spreadsheet.

Squadding details

See the invitation document for all other information e.g. schedule.


Arial map of the BMSSK range. The range is situated at the white arrow.

The shooting range is located off the M30/N6 approximately 10 km south of Bloemfontein in the direction of Reddersburg.
- Decimal: -29.2591311, 26.2251847


General Documents

The following documents are available:

  Invitation, schedule and general info

  Shootout Rules

  Rules for the non-IMSSU events

  Practice schedule

  Squadding details

  Application for temporary import of firearms and ammunition:
       Blank application form (Form SAPS520)
       Instructions to complete form SAPS520
       Example of completed form SAPS520


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Sunday 03 July Practice session 10am - 3pm
Range Inspection 3 - 4pm
Weapon Certification 4 - 5pm

Monday 04 July Practice session 10am - 4pm
Weapon Certification 4 - 5pm

Tuesday 05 July Practice session 10am - 3pm
Weapon Certification 3-5pm
Opening Function 5-6pm

Wednesday 06 July Competition (except BBR) 9am - 5pm
Weapon Certification 5-6pm

Thursday 07 July Competition (except BBR) 9am - 5pm
Weapon Certification 5-6pm

Friday 08 July Competition (except BBR) 9am - 5pm
Weapon Certification 5-6pm

Saturday 09 July Competition (except BBR) 9am - 3pm
Practice Session BBR only 3-4pm
Weapon Certification 4-5pm

Sunday 10 July Competition 9am - 5pm

Monday 11 July Competition 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 12 July Competition 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 13 July Competition 9am - 5pm

Thursday 14 July Shootouts 10am

Friday 15 July IMSSU General Assembly 10am - 3pm
Awards Function Class Medals 4pm
Awards Function Surprise 6pm
Awards Function Overall Medals 7pm