Title  Author  Synopsis  Date  Category
Webley 455  (PDF, 2.2Mb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret History and details of the Webley 455 service revolver 2009-12-13 Firearms
Silhouette and Ballistics  (PDF, 64Kb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret About ballistics, bullets and barrels. 2009-11-10 Ballistics
Barrel Length  (PDF, 44Kb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret All you need to know about gun barrels. 2009-11-10 Firearms
Contender Use and Care  (PDF, 1.66Mb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret Scanned copy of owners manual. 2009-10-28 Firearms
The 1895 Nagant revolver  (PDF, 3.41Mb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret The story of a Russian revolver that helped to shape history. 2009-10-28 Firearms
The 22 Hornet  (PDF, 149Kb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret Old soldiers never die. So is the 22 Hornet cartridge. 2009-10-28 Ammunition
Bullet Baffles  (PDF, 22Kb) Jean-Pierre Beurtheret Experiments with bullet baffles with full results 2009-10-28 Safety