This year, the 28th French National Silhouette Championships were held in Volmerange les Mines, a small city of the north of France. It is located 15 km south of the city of Luxemburg. The shooting range, named Euro stand www.eurostand- lorraine.fr, is the biggest of the country. It welcomes shooters from France, of course, but also from Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

The competition took place from August 3rd to August 8th , 2009. About 180 shooters attended these championships. All IMSSU events were shot excepted the Big Bore Rifle. There is no 500 meters range.

Silhouettes were painted in white. It is the best color against the background of the range. But contrast is not always good, depending of the position of the sun. It is a difficult range. Not many 40's were shot.

The photographs taken on the range in the Pictures section, are by Gilles DUMERY of the FFTir (©Crédit Photos : FFTir GDumery).

Some translation hints to read the results:

  • "Gros Calibre" means Big Bore.
  • "Petit Calibre" means Small Bore.
  • "Debout" means Standing.
  • "Combiné" means Aggregate.
  • "Equipes" means Teams.
  • "Carabine" means Rifle.
  • "Légère" means Light.
  • P, C D, M stands for Poulets (Chickens), Cochons (Pigs), Dindons (Turkeys) and Mouflons (Rams).
  • "Barrages" means shoot offs.
With this you can read the results.


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 Title  Link Type Size   Date
  Big Bore Pistol   Open...
1004 Kb   23/10/2009 
  Small Bore Pistol   Open...
1548 Kb   23/10/2009 
  Field Pistol   Open...
867 Kb   23/10/2009 
  Small Bore Rifle   Open...
770 Kb   23/10/2009 
  Standing   Open...
178 Kb   23/10/2009