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Friday 24 September 2010 to Saturday 2 October 2010

WPMSSA Silhouette Range, located on the Good Hope Military Shooting Range
Cape Town
South Africa

33°37'47.84"S 18°29'6.25"E
(Please note that the Google Earth pictures of the area are outdated, and were taken prior to the construction of the new Silhouette range).

Click here for directions to the range.

See General Documents elsewhere on this page for Programme, Shoot-off rules and other documentation.


The 2010 World Championships will be conducted at the brand new WPMSSA Sihouette Range, which forms part of the Good Hope Shooting Range, which is a military range managed by the South African National Defence Force. 

The Good Hope military range, which is currently the 3rd largest in the southern hemisphere and completed in 1995, has a magnificent view of Table Mountain, situated on the other side of Table Bay. It can therefore boast the biggest and most beautiful backstop of any shooting range in the world! Looking straight down the Silhouette range at that picture, is something special.  The range is on the historical farm Brakkefontein, which was used by the British to stable their army's horses during the Anglo-Boer war. It is also close to the site of the "Battle of Blaauwberg" between the Dutch and the British in 1806.

The range is situated roughly 50km north of Cape Town city centre, near the town of Atlantis on the South African west coast. Apart from being the premier military shooting range in the Western Cape, it is also used by civil shooting associations such as the Western Cape Shooting Union (WCSU), Milnerton Shooting Association (MSA), and is the home of Western Province Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (WPMSSA).  The civil shooting facilities are administered by WCSU, and make provision for silhouette, bisley, pistol, clay pigeon, as well as black powder shooting.

WPMSSA started constructing a dedicated Silhouette range on the grounds in 2005, and has already hosted the South African National Championships there in 2008. The range is currently being upgraded to international standards for the 2010 World Championships.

During the World Championships there will be the following on-range facilities:

  • All-day refreshments on sale, including breakfast and lunch
  • Ablution facilities
  • Secure storage facilities for firearms (24x7 on-site security)
  • Parking

View from the range over Table Bay towards the mountain. Big Bore competitors must take care not to hit the building on the right, it's our only nuclear power station!

Firearm import permits and documentation

International competitors will be sent all the required documentation by email. Assistance by the SA Police at border entry points have been arranged to smooth the process. Please note that there is a limit of 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm allowed.


General Documents

The following documents are available:


Shoot-off Rules

Indemnity Form (to be signed by all competitors)

Squadding Details

Final squadding details are available here.

Travel Tips

For our overseas visitors, here are some useful travel tips.

To add some of our own: It will be early spring, and insects such as horseflies, mosquitos and gnats will be hyperactive on the range. We are not in a malaria area, so don't worry, but get some insect repellent such as Tabard (available at pharmacies in spray as well as stick format).

And don't forget the sunscreen!

September weather is difficult to predict, there will be warm days (mid 20's) as well as cooler ones. Early mornings and evenings may still be a bit chilly.


Anybody still requiring accommodation, must please contact Pixi Gillow for assistance and advice.

She can be reached at +27 21 5531733 (landline) or +27 83 3241733 (cellphone), or by email at az.oc.bewm@wolligixip .